Brazilian/Portuguese Chapter

Brazilian and Portuguese counsellor community registered with ACA


Chapter's purpose

The purpose of ACA Chapters is to:

1. Provide members with a local forum to meet like-minded members and discuss the industry, professional and other relevant issues.

2. Provide members access to local ongoing professional development according to these terms. Further information is available within the ACA OPD Policy.

3. Provide a forum for members to access supervision according to these terms. Further information is available within the ACA Supervision Policy.

Guidelines for members attending the meetings:

When attending the meetings, please be mindful of:

1. Respect the meeting hours: be on time and leave on time. 

2. Mute your microphone to avoid interruptions or distractions in the group. Also, if possible, leave your cameras on; it can be helpful to develop connections and empathy. 

3. The Chapter has the purpose of being a local meeting forum, so it is not allowed any recording or attempt of recording.

4. All the members are expected to maintain respect for their peers and the Chapter's guideline. Also, be aware of the importance of following the confidentiality guideline. 

5. The Chapter's facilitators can mute your microphone if needed. Also, in the face of inappropriate behaviour, they can request a member to leave or remove them from the meeting. 

2022 | What is next:

The Chapter meets on the below dates from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (Sydney time - online on Zoom).
The Chapters can be presented in Portuguese or English; the facilitators can mediate the meeting if members have any difficulty. 



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