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Chapter Purpose

The purpose of ACA Chapters is to provide members with:
1. A local forum to meet like-minded Members and to discuss the industry, professional, and other relevant issues.

2. To provide members access to local ongoing professional development in accordance with these terms. Further information is available within the ACA OPD policy.

3. Updates from ACA Head Office, upcoming events and/or opportunities to get involved.
4. An opportunity for Group Supervision in accordance with the framework.

Guidelines for members attending the meetings

When attending the meetings, please be mindful of:

1. All online Chapter meetings will require cameras on for all attendees to qualify for OPD points (noting that on occasion technical issues may require cameras off for optimal WIFI performance). Online Chapter meetings are not to be recorded.

2. Members who arrive more than 20 minutes late into a professional development session can attend however, cannot claim OPD points for said meeting.

3. If it becomes clear at any time during a Chapter meeting that a Member is intentionally breaching any of the ACA Codes of Conduct and fails to understand and correct their actions, the Chapter Convenor is to document the event and refer this issue to the ACA office for follow up action. Non-compliance of this policy may lead to action against the nominated Convenor for not adhering to ACA reporting procedures.

4. Eventbrite ticketing system must be used. No manual attendance logs are to be kept. No members/visitors are permitted to attend an ACA Chapter meeting without first registering through Eventbrite. Members can register for the event up to 10 minutes prior to commencement of the meeting showing their Eventbrite ticket as proof of entry into the meeting. The Eventbrite tickets will indicate the applicable OPD available.

5. Mute your microphone to avoid interruptions or distractions in the group. Also, if possible, leave your cameras on; it can be helpful to develop connections and empathy. 

6. All the members are expected to maintain respect for their peers and the Chapter's guideline. Also, be aware of the importance of following the confidentiality guideline. 

7. The Chapter's facilitators can mute your microphone if needed. Also, in the face of inappropriate behaviour, they can request a member to leave or remove them from the meeting. 


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