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What is anxiety?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Anxiety is associated with some kind of fear. Usually fear of failure, not being good enough, fear of not being loved or fear of loss. In fact, the emotion of fear will be triggered by negative and catastrophic thoughts. The video below can give a dynamic and general explanation about what is anxiety and the best talk therapy treatment.

Indeed, there is a biological explanation for the link between negative thoughts and the fear in anxiety. So, if you really want to go deep into the topic and understand the neuroscience of anxiety and the best medical treatment. This video gives a really good explanation.

if you would like some tips around good apps that can help you deal with your anxiety, you can find grounding skills and apps that can help you.

If you supsect you may be suffering from anxiety, please, look for a professional help. Your doctor or a mental health professional can support you.

f your feelings overwhelmed by your feelings and you need imediate help, helplines can help you to debrief.

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